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Home Appliance Installation and Disposal

"We can install at the same time as delivery, so why not take advantage of this service?"

Before you buy an appliance

  • Ensure your waste pipe, water supply and electricity connections are no more than 1-2m away from where the appliance will be located.
  • For freestanding appliances, ensure you have a 13 amp 3-pin plug socket for connection.
  • For vented tumble dryers, ensure there is an existing vent near the intended location (unless you intend to use a condenser kit).
  • Ensure the new appliance physically fits in your chosen location.
  • For integrated or semi-integrated installations, make sure your kitchen units/cavities are able to house the new appliance(s).
  • For refrigerators and freezers, please defrost and wipe dry your current appliance priot to arrival.


Before you buy a cooker or oven

  • Ensure there is an electric and/or gas supply within 1m of the installation location. If moving from electric to gas, check that the gas supply has been prepared (Swift Electrical are not able to dismantle/disconnect gas appliances).
  • Ensure there is a power supply of the correct ampage for your new appliance.
  • Check that the cooker isolation switch is present and accessible.
  • For integrated or semi-integrated installations, make sure your kitchen units/cavities are able to house the new appliance(s).
  • If you're having a hob installed, check it will fit in the space allocated.


Before you buy a Television

  • Ensure there is an electric supply within 1m of the installation location.
  • Ensure that the existing digital aerial or digital satellite is functional, and appropriately positioned to receive transmission.
  • Make sure your existing television stand or cabinet can house your new television.
  • Ensure your existing wall bracket can accommodate the size and weight of your new television.


Our service includes

  • Unpacking of the product.
  • Setting up of product and positioning to adjacent suitable supplies – mains electricity, water, waste etc.
  • Assembly of stand, fixing to unit where applicable.
  • Connecting to existing, adjacent compatible equipment.


Before we arrive

  • Ensure you are available within the time slot agreed.
  • Decide exact position of new product.
  • Remove delicate items.
  • Provide clear access to property.
  • Notify us of any stairs or narrow passages and doorways.
  • Provide clear access to walkways and floor area.
  • Secure pets to avoid accidents.
  • Ensure unrestricted access to taps and mains points.
  • Ensure working taps, mains power and/or an aerial point are in place.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary connection material; e.g. connection hoses & leads unless new appliance provides them.
  • Check to make sure that connection points such as plug sockets, drainage and water supplies are within reach of the manufacturer's supplied cables and pipes, as we may not be able to complete the installation and you will be charged a call out fee if a return visit is requested.
  • Note that installation does not include making alterations to your plumbing, electrics or containing units.


Health and Safety

  • We strive to provide a first class service, but should the delivery personnel feel that damage could be incurred to the product, your property or themselves, they may refuse to complete or undertake the delivery or installation.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to collect any item we believe constitutes a health and safety risk to our employees, or anyone working on our behalf.


Additional Notes

  • Under certain ambient temperature conditions cooling appliances such as fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers and appliances that use heat pump technology may not function properly, particularly when placed in a cold environment.
  • Door reversals are time consuming and require plenty of space to carry them out and so will normally be undertaken prior to delivery; this means that your appliance may not be delivered in a box.

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